About Oé

Lyon-based brand Oé takes its impact on the wine industry to the next level, continuing to transform agriculture, consumption and business in the service of the Common Good. This year, the start-up, a pioneer in the wine sector and in particular in the bottle deposit system, brought together old and new investors to support its development. French and international expansion is on the agenda, with the aim of achieving an even greater ecological and social impact. "This fund-raising gives us the means to become even more active agents of change. In concrete terms, this means contributing to the deployment of regenerative agriculture in the service of biodiversity, moving towards a low-carbon wine sector and taking part in a new business model that is healthier, more sober and more joyful," says Thomas Lemasle, co-founder of Oé. The operation was led by Demeter IM via its investment fund VitiRev Innovation, a fund dedicated to the ecological transition in the winegrowing and wine-producing sector. Other private investors include Michel Reybier, Frédéric Mazzella (Blablacar) and Francis Nappez (Hectar). By July 2020, the committed wine brand had already raised $2.5 million, with VOL-V, a player in energy and agro-ecological transitions, already on board.