M&A for Good

Human dynamics are essential to the success of M&A deals. Our mission is to finalize transactions that create sustainable value for good.


We help you to clarify your motivations in order to initiate a sale process whose conditions are in line with your deepest expectations.


We are here to give you the keys to a successful acquisition and to transform an intention into a reality.


Nous intervenons à vos côtés dans l’élaboration de votre business plan, le calibrage des ressources financières et la recherche de solutions appropriées.


Our mission is to guide you and allow you to serenely realize your projects by choosing the right shareholders who share your DNA, your objectives, and your ambitions.


Grâce à notre expertise en médiation, nous vous offrons une voie pacifique et créative de résolution de vos différends, où chacun consent à l’émergence d’une solution gagnant-gagnant.


We come back to basics… and the fundamentals of your company, its culture, and your vision to give a new impetus and prepare a possible transaction.

La croissance est un cycle naturel. Comme le soleil qui se lève chaque matin et se couche chaque soir, on est invité à se renouveler, que le monde soit chahuté ou pas.

Amaury Chaumet, fondateur The Packengers

Ready ?

Are you ready? Depending on your project, we propose to think together so that you can decide in conscience before launching yourself.