ADN check®

Strategic tool for analysis and valuation
of small and mid-size company

Our ADN Check methodology allows you to highlight the tangible and intangible elements of your uniqueness! It is a diagnosis that covers about 150 criteria through an individual session of discussion. It highlights your singularity, identifies the different possible scenarios and allows you to establish a clear roadmap according to your preferred choice.

Strategic diagnosis

  • Understanding and analysis of the history of your company
  • Challenge of your growth perspectives
  • Identification of the company's strengths and weaknesses

Assessment tool

  • Evaluation of the company's own level of risk
  • Assessment of an intrinsic valuation and comparison with other valuation methods

7 themes addressed

  • Visibility
  • Competitive positioning
  • Nature of the risks
  • Organization
  • Profitability
  • Growth
  • Impact of the project

Benefits for you

  • A unique opportunity to step back and make a 360° view of your organization
  • A summary presenting the areas of improvement and the main strengths and weaknesses of your company
  • A real consideration of extra-financial criteria in the assessment of intrinsic value and risk

L'outil ADN check®

Offrir aux dirigeants et aux personnes clés une occasion de prendre du recul avec une vision à 360° sur l’organisation

Fournir un livrable présentant les axes d’amélioration, les principaux signaux fort et faibles de la société

Favoriser la prise en compte des critères extra-financiers dans l’appréciation du potentiel et de la valeur intrinsèques

We need people who think of the common good, who move this world towards a "human" progress, allowing everyone to become better and wonderful people.

Thomas Jauffret, partenaire de Sevenstones et dirigeant de Vocatio

Ready ?

Are you ready? Depending on your project, we propose to think together so that you can decide in conscience before launching yourself.